Your Colorado New Build Inspector

While it may be tempting to assume that a new build home, having undergone city inspections during construction, is flawless, the reality is quite different. Many individuals underestimate the importance of an independent third-party inspection when purchasing a new home. Our experience shows that newly constructed homes often harbor major defects and shortcomings that may not be immediately apparent.

Our inspectors routinely uncover issues such as plumbing leaks, appliance failures, improper installations, and shortcuts taken during the construction process. Addressing these concerns before moving in is crucial, as it prevents these seemingly minor problems from evolving into more significant and costly issues down the line.

Having a new build inspection performed, ideally close to the blue tape walk-through and before the final closing on the house, provides invaluable insights into the home’s condition. This proactive approach allows potential homeowners to identify and address any concerns with the builder before they become more challenging to rectify. Home builders, in most cases, are willing to address issues highlighted by inspectors within a reasonable timeframe.

In essence, investing in a new build inspection is a smart and preventive measure, offering peace of mind to homebuyers and ensuring that their new home meets the highest standards of quality and safety from the very beginning.

Why Choose Us?

  • Pricing: Starting at $425

  • Experienced Home Inspector: Rob Bassett, with over 20 years of expertise, leads Ambassettor in providing thorough residential home inspections.

  • Focused on Excellence: Ambassettor concentrates solely on residential home inspections, ensuring specialized and high-quality services.

  • Comprehensive Inspection Services: We offer detailed inspections and testing services to empower prospective home buyers and homeowners with valuable insights.

  • Trusted by the Community: Our reputation is built on trust, and we take pride in being a reliable choice for home inspection services in the community.